Using Gulp with MVC.NET

By | April 9, 2018

Gulp.js is an open-source JavaScript toolkit by Fractal Innovations and the open source community at GitHub, used as a streaming build system in front-end web development. Within This post I will cover the required steps for enabling Gulp inside any existing ASP.NET MVC solution. Install Gulp Visual Studio 2015 ships with the Task Runner Explorer… Read More »

10 Habits of Self Made Millionaires

By | February 4, 2018

What sets millionaires apart from the rest of the average people? Where they born into right family? did they strike the lottery? Research shows that most millionaires here these in common Thinking in Abundance – There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. As you are… Read More »

Principles of Good Programming

By | February 4, 2018

The principles of good programming are closely related to principles of good design and engineering. The following programming principles have helped me over the years become a better programmer, and I believe can help any developer become more efficient and to produce code which is easier to maintain and that has fewer defects. DRY –… Read More »