Dev Tools

Messaging Apps: messaging apps have become an integral part of our daily life, these apps make it easy to communicate and collaborate with another member of your group, Specially for the people who work around the internet, IT and software industry. Here is a list of messaging apps which are best in class and used by most of the developers.

  1. Skype: if you are a freelancer or an individual contributor this app is a must-have for you, you can make a video, audio and conference call using it to anyone who uses this app for free. The app supports screen sharing so that you can assist or get assistance, present your screen in case of need. This software is owned by Microsoft and for enterprises and organisation, Microsoft has its OME version which is known as Skype for Business.

Conformance Calls: Their will be times where you want to have meeting with a group of people and need to present you ideas in such cases you need a conference service where people can join the call without the need of any specific app in such case online conference services come handy

  1. Uber Conference: Skype does support conference calls, but only with the people who have Skype. There could be an instance where you want to have a call, conference call or want to present your screen to people who may not have skype or any other app which you use for communication. Uber Conference is one of the free conference call services which I used a lot, you can invite up to 10 people in your free conference call. People can join the call without any hassle of installing plugins and software. it’s very convenient and easy.